Diger Urun Gruplarimiz IconOur Other Products Range

While producing for the most distinguished retailers and global brands with our wide product range, we offer a rich product range in all categories that come to mind when wet wipes are mentioned, meet your every demand, and that's why we have been producing only wet wipes for 25 years.

Arac Bakim Urunleri IconCar Cleaning Wipes

Our Product Range

  • Anti-Fog Glass Cleaning Wipe
  • Rain Water Repellent Glass Cleaning Wipe
  • Car Window Cleaning Wipe
  • Car Dashboard Cleaning Wipe
  • Vehicle Leather Seat Cleaning Wipe
  • Vehicle Fabric Seat Cleaning Wipe
  • Wheel Cleaning Wipe
  • Car Headlight Cleaning Wipe
  • Body Cleaning Wipe


Hayvan Bakim Mendilleri IconPet Care Wipes

Our Product Range

  • Pet Cleaning Wipes
  • Pet Paw Cleaning Wipes
  • Pet Eye and Ear Cleaning Wipes


Optik Ve Gozluk Temizleme IconOptical and Glass Cleaning Wipes

Our Product Range

  • Glass Cleaning Wipes
  • Screen and Lens Cleaning Wipes 


Endustriyel Temizleme Mendilleri IconIndustrial Cleaning Wipes

Our Product Range

  • Heavy Messes Hand Cleaning Wipes
  • Heavy Messes Floor Cleaning Wipes

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