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The company also started production in Bulgaria in 2021. The portfolio of Sapro brands includes Hops®, Mr. Valet®, and Planet Wipes® as well as Private Label brands.

With nearly 1000 employees and high-tech production facilities which were built with "smart building technology" Sapro provides high-quality and dynamic service to global retailer brands and consumers in various categories of baby care, personal care, pet care, household, biocidal, car care, and others.

Sapro can produce wet wipes in a wide range of product forms, including cosmetic flowpacks, household flowpacks, single-use sachets, travel packs, and refill wipes.

Manufacturing at Sapro


Established in 1997, Sapro is a leading Turkish enterprise with a highly successful track record. Headquartered in İstanbul, Sapro is one of the global leaders in the manufacturing of wet wipes. The group company consists of 4 companies that operate end-to-end manufacturing including nonwovens, cardboard packings, plastics, and finished wet wipe products.

  • Tetra
  • Lotus
  • Multipak
  • Cm Holding

Sapro Fabrika Min

1989 to Present

Tetra Pazarlama ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş. is established.
Lotus Pazarlama A.Ş. is established.
Sapro Temizlik Ürünleri A.Ş. is established.
Multipak Ambalaj Sanayi A.Ş. is established.
Moving to the new production campus in Silivri took place.
Sapro has been among the ISO 500 Largest Industrial Organizations since 2017.
Sapro has been the Export Leader in the Wet Wipes category of the Istanbul Exporters' Association since 2017.
Lotus Teknik Tekstil A.Ş. started nonwoven production.
E-commerce sales started with the establishment of the www.hops.com.tr online sales site.
Sapro OOD Bulgaria Wet Wipes production facility is established.
Lotus-2 line is established in Lotus Teknik Tekstil A.Ş. and a 100% capacity increase was realized in nonwoven production.
Next Generation Sustainable Viscose Fabric Newipe® was introduced to the market.

Sapro Logo

Türkiye's Largest Manufacturer and Exporter of Wet Wipes

Türkiye's Largest Exporter of Cosmetic Products

Leader in its Field Among Türkiye's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises

Sapro is also amongst Türkiye's most distinguished cosmetics manufacturers. As the number one local company in cosmetics exports, Sapro ranks 433rd in the “Top 500 Industrial Enterprises in Türkiye” list with its 2021 revenues. The company enjoys steady growth, not only in Türkiye but also in regional and global markets. With individual sales forces and external warehouses in different countries, exporting to around 65 countries, Sapro is taking confident steps towards becoming a global leader.

Sapro aims to produce social and environmental values as well as economic values by integrating sustainability strategy into our business strategy.

Our Quality Policy

Sapro aims to create social and environmental values as well as economic values by integrating sustainability strategy into business strategy. Sapro uses compostable wipe materials certified by TUV AUSTRIA for awarding and use of 'OK COMPOST HOME' and 'OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL' conformity marks. Sapro uses wipe materials certified by TUV AUSTRIA awarded with 'OK BIODEGRADABLE SOIL, OK BIODEGRADABLE WATER, and OK BIODEGRADABLE MARINE' conformity mark. We can produce flushable wipes according to two different standards which are the EDANA GD4 and the "FINE TO FLUSH". Sapro is the first and only manufacturer in Türkiye which has generic certification given by WRC.

We also design new formulations which are in vegan formulation and compatible with Ecocert Cosmos, The Nordic Swan Ecolabel, NATRUE, and Bra Miljoval sustainability certificates. Gathered under two main headings as sustainable products and sustainable facilities, our work continues with the excitement of the first day.

Sapro Yönetim Kurulu 

Ceyhun Zincirkiran

Ceyhun Zincirkıran

Kurucu Ortak ve Yönetim Kurulu
Eş Başkanı 

Mehmet Gundogdu

Mehmet Gündoğdu

Kurucu Ortak ve Yönetim Kurulu
Eş Başkanı 

1993 yılında kibrit üretimi yaparak üretim sektörüne adım atan Ceyhun Zincirkıran ve Mehmet Gündoğdu, takip eden yıllarda önce pamuk sonrasında da ıslak mendil sektörlerinde yatırımlar yapmışlardır.

1997 yılında Sapro’yu kuran Zincırkıran ve Gündoğdu, bugün bünyesinde yaklaşık 1000 kişiyi barındıran, hammadesinden bitmiş ürüne kadar üretim gerçekleştiren entegre tesisterinde, yurt içi ve yurtdışında global markalar ve zincir marketler adına Private Label hizmet veren şirketler grubuna liderlik etmektedir. 

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  • Nilgün Zincirkıran
    İnsan Kaynakları Direktörü

Vizyon Misyon

Our Vision

To create a dynamic system by adapting our processes and products for the needs of the Earth and all living beings.

Our Mission

Sapro is working thoroughly to create a sustainable value for the nature, society and circular economy by reforming its processes and products.

Our Values

We aim for a better quality of life and a sustainable world for the individual and society with a holistic understanding that includes love and respect for all living things and nature.
We support our employees in order to open up space for creativity in a working environment with kindness, openness and empathy, and we improve all our processes by staying up to date with the innovations of the era.

We adopt acting in accordance with the principles of trust, respect and justice by acting honestly in the processes we carry out with all our stakeholders, and we act within the framework of a system based on trust.

Career at Sapro

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